St. Paul Lutheran Church

"Changing lives through Jesus Christ in a caring community

where people mature in faith, worship Jesus, 

witness, and serve others in the world.".  


St. Paul Lutheran Church in Monroe, NY is a congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  This is a place where the Lord is at work, with a mission to joyfully proclaim God's grace and salvation through Jesus Christ to all people.   

St. Paul Lutheran Church is…

…a PEOPLE CHURCH that concentrates on relationships more than any other asset, understanding that people are the church.

…a TEACHING CHURCH that holds to Biblical Lutheran theology and yet is flexible in its customs, knowing that we have come from diverse customs and backgrounds.

…an OUTREACH CHURCH that focuses on people, beyond the membership, who are in need of God.

…a DELEGATING CHURCH that empowers people for meaningful service that goes beyond organizational activity.

…a RELEVANT CHURCH that relates the Bible to life as it is now, just as Jesus did in the Bible.

…a HOPEFUL CHURCH that focuses on hope in Christ for the future.

…a GENEROUS CHURCH that cares for its community and world.